UdderFest: Raw Milk project

UdderFest: Raw Milk project

This recent exchange about milk with chums on twitter got me thinking that milk is rather unloved. As I said in my visit to Chris Hall in Cornwall for Channel 4, ‘milk’s still thought of as something for children. As an adult it’s simply there for wetting cereal or diluting tea or coffee, the ever-present, ever-the-same white stuff in the fridge’ And so I think it’s time to get a gaggle of doubting Thomas’ together, get out of the smoke and get our heads under a cow for some proper raw milk.

I’m trying to find not only raw milk to taste, but raw milk from different animals. Just how much do Guernsey and Jersey differ from Holstein ? Also we’d want to try sheep’s milk and goat, just to get a comparison.



So as you can see it’s in the early stages of development. However if anyone fancies coming along let me know.

Spot the raw milk..?
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Raw Milk