The Sportsman Birthday Lunch

The Sportsman Birthday Lunch

The plaudits for The Sportsman in Seasalter near Whitstable, are legion. In a nutshell it’s a pub doing simply brilliant food. Many a diner has booked a day return to Whitstable, or trundled down the A2 to enjoy it’s hospitality. And so if you’re interested in good British food, you’d be remiss not to pay it a visit. Consequently it seemed the natural choice for a birthday lunch.

natural choice for a birthday lunch

We got there early, and so with 20 mins to kill we introduced ourselves to the locals.


Once inside, seated and whistle whetted by a pint of Early Bird Spring Hop Ale the tasting menu began. First up, pork scratchings and herring on soda bread

 seated and whistle

Next came smoked turbot roe with homemade cheese and nettle puree. This went down well with my 10 month old daughter.

smoked turbot roe

The ever wonderful breads and homemade butter put in an appearance

wonderful breads

A Baked oyster with Jersey cream and rhubarb granita was brilliant, rhubarb taking the place of a squeeze of lemon in providing a citrus hit. And gentle baking oysters adds to their creaminess. Again, popular with the nipper.

Jersey cream

This was a delight, in the little tart was a curry style sauce that offered a little warmth.


The Sportsman’s home cured ham, with explanatory note. (There was more when it arrived, but we set about it before I’d picked up the camera.


The booze.


Brill, with a smoked herring sauce. “It’s not often you see nice grey food” said Kate.

herring sauce

Lamb breast, breadcrumbed with mint sauce. Which was rather sweet, in a good way.

mint sauce

Lamb three ways with horseraddish greens.

horseraddish greens

Lemon posset, again popular with the little one

Lemon posset

Lemon tart and ice-cream


Happy birthday to me! A nice final touch, and in all, a truly excellent lunch.

A tasting menu is an opportunity for a chef to tell you their story, to showcase their wares and take you on a bit of an adventure. Stephen does this and more I believe. He uses it as a medium for the conveying of happiness, that’s what this meal was to me, four hours of indulgence, laughter and enjoyment.