All change for 2011

All change for 2011

Hello. Part of my ‘to do’ list over Christmas is to make a few changes around here.

As you may know foodjournalist is my more work focused site, and most of my thoughts and rants go on twitter, consequently this ol’ place has gathered dust for much of 2010, indeed it never really got going again when I finished the Big British Food Map in 2008. I’ll be taking all the best food content from here and transferring it over to an archive.

Most of this blog will stay mind you, lest any GCSE media studies students or Mastermind Contestants want to look at ‘history of the BBC homepage 2003 – 2007′, though it’s a topic I can’t see being that popular. The rest will be deleted.

When I chose ‘eyedropper’ internet monikers and nom de plume were all the rage, now they’re rather passe.

Anyhoo, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and here’s to 2011. Merry Christmas.